Work Permit Poland and Czech
We,  Work Balance Group, are interested  to cooperate with the foreign manpower companies who want to supply candidates to work and help them immigrate to Poland and Czech republic!
Any countries are very welcome !
The jobs available  for the foreign candidates are  PACKAGING JOBS  at different  plants and sawmill.
We dont  garantee to obtain the visas for the candidates,  but we are open to help you with the supporting documentation while preparing your  candidates for the interview in the emabassy and application  documents.
We are always open for a dialogue and your  business  suggestions!
Poland work permit
Do you want to work in Poland officially? first of all, you are required to get the EMPLOYMENT VISA (NATIONAL VISA, D TYPE) through the nearest consulate of Poland in your country. This type of visa is granted based on the Voivodeship invitation (Wojewódzki zaproszenie) certified by the Voivode (local Governor of the Polish administrative division corresponding to a “province” in other countries). The company willing to hire foreign citizens submits an employment application to the Voivodeship department of foreign citizens by the place of company registration.


  • Duration of stay 360/360
  • Expert consultation of visa specialists, assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa
  • Recommendations on the qualitative preparation of documents, filling in and printing out the questionnaire
  • The official invitation of the host country, certified by the Polish voivode
  • Insurance policy
  • Instruction, verification, and formation of the full package of documents


  • Scan copy of valid Passport (ALL PAGES – Ministry of Labor needed)
  • First Installment as per agreement


After we received the required documents above  and the payment, we will submit the documents to the appointed Attorney. The process of obtaining a Visa Issuance Letter (Work Permit) is between 4-8     weeks. After the Visa Issuance Letter issued, we will send it to you by Courier. And you shall submit the application of the Visa in the Polish Embassy in your country. The embassy will be an issue you a “one year “Visa Type D / multiple entries, and it’s renewable furthermore each year or applicable to apply PR with some reasonable bases.


We make urgent Czech invitations for 3 months
Processing time  (14 -21 working days)
After arriving in   CZECH REPUBLIC the Employer applies the candidate for 2 year residence permit 
A sample of the vacancy:
 ROSENBERG — manufacture of motors for various types of fans.
 Labor remuneration — 105kr / h
 BONUS — 1000 kr per visit (if not a single working day in the month has been missed)
 3500kr / month housing.
 Working schedule: 2 shifts: early and night from Monday to Friday at 10-12 o’clock. Saturday at will.
 A lift  to the place of work — free.